DarkRP Server project (New Community)

Hello guys as you might remember or probably not i started a thread a few days ago asking on how to set up a server for DarkRP, and i have good new i have decided to buy a server and start up a DarkRP project and a community (DpS gaming), now still fresh and memberless our server is still under contruction and the forums empty, so if you want to help up alittle by checking/joining our forums or server that would be awsome, also remember we are pretty new to all this and we would appreciate all help of any kind you can provide us.

The Forums of the community (also if you would like to form part of this new community feel free to check out the forums)


The DarkRP server

We are planning on making a revolutionary or at least great DarkRP server, but not just that, we are also looking forward to new games and servers to expand our community.

Stay Tuned

Regards Willy.

I am coming to check it out,

If you need any help developing the server, i will be glad to help.

See you in the game.

That’s too much, you couldn’t even install the DarkRP gamemode and you’re planning on making a revolutionary gamemode? Good luck.

It’s on free forums so you know it’s good.

The gamemodes section is not a place for you to advertise your shitty DarkRP servers/edits

Oh god I don’t remember when I laughed this hard. How do you expect to make a “revolutionary” gamemode with no lua knowledge whatsoever. And free forums? Common. At least buy the webhosting.

I’ll start the wiki. I also have some cool ideas for this Game Mode (hint: steampunk. nuff said.) This is going to be simply Epic.

Ill make a steam group and spam invite all my friends.


Oh wait…

hello friend!

im sory for bad english but

i would love to become a administrate of you are serving!

i am many experiences with dark role play and the people there

i would love to join you in your role play adventure!!

many thank
you’re friend

Look who’s talking lmao

i wud wuv 2 b aminrator n drakpr

But really. Why are you doing this to us!? Fucking freeforums AND DarkRP! The worst gamemode and forum service you can fucking ever get! You can’t get a popular DarkRP server anymore, it is very logical. Why host a DarkRP if there are MILLIONS OF FUCKING OTHERS OUT THERE! Why should players fucking minge on your server if there is another one with more players, more fucking money printers and more guns than yours! DarkRP is a bad way to start, so don’t fucking torture us with it anymore!


EDIT: By the way, I’ll start the YouTube channel.

Stop acting like a 13 year old.

Oh wait :v:

Is feedback a verb?

Thanks! I might go on if I want to propkill sometime :smiley:

oh god.
Why does RP continue to be a big topic? it’s never been fun in any instance of a garrysmod gamemode, ever. Why does everyone and their dog under the age of 16 want to have a silly DarkRP server? Why dont they try something different? i mean, Even sandbox is more fun!
By the way… From my standpoint in the western US, there’s 1,253 DarkRP servers to connect to.

But the real question is this… Why do people continually edit this gamemode with the honest thought that their DarkRP is somehow going to be better than all of the other ones?

Just a bunch of young lads who want to make their own dark rp server. it’s easy to set up, so that’s also probably why.

It’s also forbidden to advertise for servers on this forum.

Will, let me give you some advice if you would take it. Look more professional. The first thing you need to understand is that you are trying to advertise a hated gamemode on this server and you are going to get shut down. Some things that you could do to try and help you cause is maybe investing in an actual website, making a astetically pleasing logo, and writing a bit more about what makes your server unique.

Let me give you a tip: No darkrp.

There are tons of RP gamemodes in this very forum.