DarkRp server question. CSS realistic weapons. Please help me fix it.[GMOD]

Sorry, but i have one more “mistake” i’ve done everything correct, shipments are fully working and stuff. But whenever i press E on the shipment box it only spawns a “model” it does not spawn a “weapon”. The “model” just laying on the ground and i cannot use it / pick it up. i even made sure that this :

– license - Enable/disable People need a license to be able to pick up guns
GM.Config.license = false

line is correct. So you don’t need license to pick up weapons. and i have NO idea on what the problem is… please help me.

i repeat. I’ve already made sure the license is correct. Css content is properly installed, and the addon is properly installed aswell.
thank you for you time.
Martin :slight_smile:

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Please ? Its like a unequipable weapon, that spawns from the shipment crates.

Can you give me the shipment’s codeline in the shipment file?


That’s the sign of an invalid weapon type.

try something like weapon_crowbar to see if it IS what I think it is.

Thats what i have Css realistic weapons for, its a diffrent type of weapon.
forexample i got :

i know that pump shot gun is :
but i am trying the addon “Css realistic weapons” so the entities, is diffrent from the standard.

This is weird. Your shipment codes were ok, so I only think of 3 reasons:

-You do not have Real CS:S weapons installed on your server (Of course you have them xD Just to be sure, try to spawn Real CS:S weapon from the menu)
-Real CS:S Weps are broken or conflicted with some other addon, or you have old version of it
-DarkRP is broken, or you have old version of it

2: the addon is fully updated.
3: the darkrp is fully updated.
1: I don’t have any option to spawn the weapons straight from the Q’menu.

Try reinstalling the weapon pack.

Already done. ill try reinstalling hole server… lol


Does the weapon pack folder have file named: addon.txt ?

let me check

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it has a info.txt wich contains addon information

Rename the info.txt to addon.txt

The error is you dont have the correct base, it will be something like weapon_real_cs_base or what ever you have as the base for those weps

Your argument is invalid. Real CS:S weapons have that base by default, and you gotta be a moron to edit addons, if you don’t know anything about coding.
If addons have “addon.txt” in their file, you extract them to addons folder. If it doesn’t have it, you gotta extract the addon to garrysmod/lua/. Since Gmod13, “addon.txt” is the same as “info.txt”. If the addon has info.txt, addon is for Gmod 12. To make it show up on Gmod13, you gotta rename “info.txt” to “addon.txt”. If it is “info.txt”, then Gmod13 doesen’t regonize it as an addon.

Ok, I will suffice a new method, extract the gma file to a folder on your pc, add the models and materials to a forcedl if you need to, upload the models and materials to your models and materials folders, then goto gamemodes/darkrp/entities/weapons/ on your server and extract the base folders inside your client side lua/entities there. report back once you have done or if you already did this and still have the error

Still no. Clientside LUA goes to cache. Only thing you gotta do, is the ForceDL. Just make an unique named file to addon’s autorun file, where you write “resource.Add(“material/model/particle/sound path”)”. You better look from here how to make ForceDL file, it’s more precise: http://www.starless.dk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=21

Dont listen to this guy as he isnt even on the same topic anymore. Just follow what I said and it will fix, this guy obv doesnt have a server running dark rp

Just for the record, I did have my own DarkRP server, and I am currently Head-admin of one. I don’t want to start any war, but you should make some research before you start an argument.

Just for the record, your server probably crashed because your code / addons were flawed. I opened my third DarkRP server 4 days ago and I’ve made $270 in people just donating $5 each for the custom stuff I coded myself.

[sarcasm] Oh sorry, I didn’t realise you were a professional Research ‘Maker’, please, I beg of your forgiveness, oh great Research ‘Maker’. [/sarcasm]

[sarcasm] I cant understand what you mean by ‘any war’. Is it ‘any wars’ or ‘a war’, please, do tell. [/sarcasm]

[truth] Oh great admin, don’t ban me, as you can see, he clearly brought this upon himself [/truth]



I never said my former server used any of MY addons. Hell, I don’t even know how to make a basic SWEP. I don’t care if you made some money by some people donating to you for some donator/admin powers. Oh, and because of “your coded” addons. But don’t you dare to even say that my server crashed all the time, when you have never even visited my server, let alone know the name of it. I never used addons that are more of a hindrance than a help. Now, if you wish to flame me and my server handling styles more, please do it via PM. Let’s not go too much offtopic ^^