DarkRP server rules

I need somebody to help my with some DarkRP server rules. I am currently hosting my own server but not too sure if rules are too strict or not. Here are the current ones from the MOTD:

  1. Do not RDM (kick then if you do it again, ban)
  2. Don’t spam. (ban)
  3. Do not abuse position (kick then ban)
  4. Do play fair (kick, kick, ban)
  5. Do Roleplay (If not then ban, mingebags don’t roleplay)
  6. Do not prop kill (ban)
  7. Do not prop surf (kick)
  8. NEVER EVER disrespect and admin, depending on the admins mood is you punishment.

I also need a few people on my server as lag checkers, 5 would be enough. I will post the server IP if enough people are willing to test.

ok no need for lag checkers but extra rules would help so -bump-

don’t think rule 8 is spelt correctly