DarkRP Server settings

So after millions of server wiping trying to fix this, I decided to post about it.
For some reason, no matter what rank I am in DarkRP, I cannot edit the in-game server settings!
Here is the image of what occurs when I try to change player vs player damage.
Note, it is not just player vs player damage.


This is aggravating me so much, I really need a fix.

What admin mod are you using? Would be useful to know…
Why don’t you just use console commands, works way better.

There is no “root_user” for FAdmin, unless you have created a custom user group with inherited permissions. please try running the following command with rcon or from your server console.

FAdmin SetAccess **STEAM_0:1:1234567** superadmin

Make sure you replace the steamid field with your steamid. Also what version of DarkRP are you running? You can find this out by typing


It appears you’re using ULX due to the group you have for root, and FAdmin no longer collidies with ULX this was fixed many revisions ago. If you downloaded your installation from garrysmod.org or any other site besides the SVN Trunk. Please remove it and download from the following repository.


I am using ULX; the DarkRP SVN. I did what you said, and still no fix!! D:

I currently do not have this issue, running the latest darkrp and latest ulx, are you using the ulx svn?

I am. (:

I don’t have this issue, but apparently you’re not the only one with it.

Looks like Falco already knows, you’ll have to wait and see what he chooses to do to fix it, watch the activity on the SVN and you should get an update in a couple days.