DarkRP server wont start

After adding this jobs.lua file into darkrpmodification my server just gets tsuck after loading ulx? it doesnt load any further.


Hello. Anyone. Know. Why? :3

Your jobs file is really messed up. You should look for lua errors in your console and see where it goes wrong. You have random things like */ where they shouldn’t be

You konw /* --sadæsldk
*/ would simple comment out all those weird words, and it seems to be fine, no errors at all.

From what I have seen, that is for Java, because I code it. For Lua, I tried this and it doesn’t work, atleast for me. I would recommend instead of you doing that, do
This would comment it out.

Úhm, it seems many other developers, and i myself have used it before.

Uhm, seems like you don’t really care about any ones opinion. If you’re a developer, you should know how to use condebug. Go use it, and read the console.log

I never said i was a developer, i just simple said that many other developers uses it just like i do.

Go add -condebug to your start command, and paste the console.log and maybe even the clienside_erros.lua file on to pastebin or something and paste a link here. It’ll make life easier.

Reinstalled whole server, decided to do it over again.
Anyways, now i added all addons etc
I am getting a s*** ton of errors???

To be honest, I think you were right on the /* */, so my apologies for that. But I feel like its because of the new update, all I can think of is getting the utf8.lua module again, or updating your addons. I can’t say anything else, sorry if I can’t be any extra help.

Ok :smiley: It’s fine, anyone here have experience with Serverguard i installed it and it spams console with missing tables all the time.