DarkRP Server Won't Work

Recently players have been joining my server with a scoreboard similar to the Sandbox gamemode. They also can’t use the F4 menu, they don’t have any guns (pockets, hands) and many other DarkRP elements. I don’t know if I should just re-install the server files or not. Is there any easier way, such as fixing a typo or something? Oh, and only certain players can use the DarkRP script without any problems (using F4 and such). What should I do? Thanks.

Also, it says this sometimes…

Couldn’t include file ‘DarkRP\gamemode\cl_init.lua’ (File not found) (<nowhere>)

Repalce your cl_init.lua file and see if it works.

Will it mess with anything that’s custom on the server?

Depends if you want this fucking fixed or not. Your choice, let it stay as it is now, “Bugged” or try and do what he told you to (;

If you just have custom shipments and custom jobs and crap, then nothing should go wrong. You would only break custom content if the custom content was in the cl_init.lua itself.