DarkRP Server

Hello guys the reason of this post is because basaically i have bashed google and youtube several times looking on how to set up a server for Gmod 13 gamemode DarkRP, and all ive found are old tutorials wich wont work or were for the beta only soe if anyone would be so kind in helping me set up one or would like to partner with me in the developing of the server or a gaming community that would be awsome, if this post is out of context im sorry.

Regards Willy.

Hey Willy. I have a bit of experience with that, and am looking to get involved with it again. Add me on steam. ‘CataClysm’ The avatar with the skull with the pilot goggles.

Hey mate thx for replying i would love to get help but im having problems adding you in steam could you add me instead ? " Will Drowned" .

Hey man. I was wondering if you could let us know what step you’re at right now. Is it a dedicated or listen server? (Or better hosted from your place or if you’ve rented it out from someone else)

Yeah well im planning on making it a dedicated server i would like to host it sinc ei have a descent internet con and a pc that would suit the job of a 24/7 job.