DarkRP setup help

I want to change my gamemode to DarkRP. I don’t know how to change it from sandbox to automatically starting up DarkRP.

I want a “build rp” server.

I have now a successful server, but I would like it to be more interesting and fun with it being a “build rp”.

I downloaded the latest version of Dark RP, and put it into the gamemodes folder correctly.


  1. How do you make your server so it starts the gamemode “Dark RP” automatically, instead of sandbox?

  2. Would assmod be good to go with it?

  3. Is there anything I should look out for?

That is all.

I can only answer your first question. in <YOUR SERVER DIRECTORY>\orangebox\garrysmod\cfg, open up autoexec.cfg and have it say “sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP” without the quotes. Then go to server.cfg in the cfg folder and put this at the bottom ““sv_defaultgamemode” “DarkRP”” without the outside quotes. Make sure there are quotes around sv_defaultgamemode and DarkRP.