DarkRP Shipment Missing.

The shipment is missing from all the jobs, like the Gun Dealer ( Can only spawn the default weapons), drug dealer, hl2 dealer.

However, I am able to spawn them through the spawnmenu. Thus indicating that the add-on was correctly installed.

Here is the example of one lua coding from my shipments.lua installed through darkrpmodification folder. (I am using mad cow weapon pack, though I would appreciate it if you could post down a download link for CS Realistic Weapon Pack, as the once that I have used are not working.

AddCustomShipment("Awp", {
	model = "models/weapons/w_snip_awp.mdl",
	entity = "weapon_mad_awp",
	price = 6000,
	amount = 10,
	seperate = false,
	pricesep = 600,
	noship = false,
	allowed = {TEAM_GUN}


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