Darkrp shipment removal question

Hello, i was wondering if there is some thing that i would be able to change in one of the darkrp lua scripts that would make it so that every time i switch teams(or some one on the server) the shipment that i have bought would stay instead of dissapereing. Thanks for any and all help relateing to this question.

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I nominate a new subforum of Newbie Questions entitled “DarkRP Questions.”

And it should stay there regardless (I think).

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That was hardly backseat moderation, it was simply a suggestion. If moderaters are going to ban people for suggestions, this forum will never improve. Mahalis, you are a power hungry douche.

Be carful my friend… Insulting Mods is likely to get you banned also… Just a suggestion. Continue if you wish.

Whoah banning for DarkRP, even if it is a stupid gamemode?

A kind push in the right direction would be nicer, aren’t mods supposed to imply rules not opinions? :S