darkrp shipments assigned to teams not working?

so i have this problem, where as a citizen, i can buy all the guns and shipments, even though i have added allow = {TEAM_GUN} or what ever

Anyone know why?

shipments are in shipments.lua

addentities are in entities.lua

nothing is in the original core addentities lua

So this is code that comes from darkrp 2.5.x

DarkRP.createShipment("Fiveseven", {
	model = "models/weapons/w_pist_fiveseven.mdl",  -- weapons model
	entity = "weapon_fiveseven2", -- what weapon
	price = 0, -- price per ship
	amount = 10, -- how many if it is a shipment
	seperate = true,    -- true equals you can buy one of them false equals only in shipments
	pricesep = 205,  -- if seperate = false then it doesn't matter. But you set the price here for how much it will cost if it is true.
	noship = true,  -- false = shipment  true = no shipment.
	allowed = {TEAM_GUN}  -- what team should be able to buy it

Post your current code. And any errors? Ya ain’t really givin much info here.