DarkRP Shipments/Weapons not show in F4

Can’t get anything to show up under shipments or weapons tab. Adding custom weapons, I have followed every tutorial I could find, yet still nothing shows up.
I haven’t changed any core files nor do I have any additional addons that could be interfering.
This is coming from a fresh install of 2.5.1
Have used countless different custom shipment codes, none of which changed anything.
I’m out of ideas. Help please.

Show your shipments code

This is the original one I started with… deleted all the other ones i tried

AddCustomShipment(“AK-47”, {
model = “models/weapons/w_ak47_m9k.mdl”,
entity = “m9k_ak47”,
price = 7000,
amount = 10,
separate = true,
pricesep = 1000,
noship = false,
allowed = {TEAM_GUN}

And you have a proper TEAM_GUN job that you set yourself as, and you don’t see anything in the F4 menu?

Does your server and/or client console give off any errors?

lol yeah I’m setting myself as gun dealer which is class TEAM_GUN

No errors are given

I have added custom jobs and all that and they work fine, its just the weapons giving me problems

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Don’t know what the issue is with this by default.
But I added TCB’s F4 menu and everything shows up fine.

Interesting. It might’ve been something in settings.lua or some such