DarkRP showing as base + more

Well, DarkRP is showing as base (like when I hold tab). I get some wierd errors when I press F4, I can’t quote them right now but they’re just a part of the problem.

DarkRP messages still come out, and if I type “/votecp” when noone is online, it’ll make me into a cop with cop weapons. I have no clue what’s wrong. I’m hosted with xenonservers, I just moved there. Has anyone got any ideas? I was fine when I was hosting on a dedicated server (not homehosted, actually on another server, where I could connect to it remotely, NOT A VPS). I know it was a downgrade, but still…

Anyway, got any ideas?

It sounds like the clientside parts of DarkRP aren’t being downloaded. Do you use a FastDL server? If so, re-upload your cache directory. If not, make sure sv_allowdownload is set to “1”.

I’ll try that, thanks.