DarkRP Site I made



IT has tutorials and everything, Im going to be posting some tomarrow just thought id let u know

You can post your edits here and everything else



no, just no

I’m still working on it, its going to have some stuff tomarrow im planning onto putting a design within this week when i get some members then im going to be electing some admins.

DarkRP is fail.

DarkRP is about the only other RP out their except GmodRP (that isnt broken) and GmodRP their isnt much to do.

There are so many damn RP gamemodes.

You’re not going to get much love about DarkRP from people here, everyone hates it.

Just to correct you, not EVERYONE. Theres a few people who appreciate it.

I know, I don’t see any problem with it, just that most people that go into a DarkRP thread are there to say how bad it is.

It is a unrealistic DM fest. Darkrp is a disgrace to roleplay.

Play some tacoscript, cakescript, ANYTHING ELSE.

God damnit DarkRP is not really the problem. It’s shitty servers with shitty admins who grant thousands of weapons to their friends. Don’t completely flame DarkRP, it’s just a script. It’s not that bad.

You really need to learn to spell.

Also, Where is all the content? all i got was a empty fail forum.

You’ve clearly never played Applejack, it’s an amazing game mode.

Never heard of it, DarkRP isn’t the problem, its the servers with idiot 12 year old PMSing admins.

I’m 13 and i own a server, I’m very mature with it though. I’m a fair admin, hell when i was admin on this one popular server <<SKILL>> Roflwaffle was the owner, i kicked him a few times for breaking NLR and RDM, hell i think i even banned him once.

What I’m trying to say here, it isn’t darkrp, its the people who run the server.

  1. Applejack is a fail copy of the old Cider…
  2. Nobody likes DarkRP, try Perp, SEOW, Blueprint, Taco & Banana, ECT… theres tons of better RP scripts

you name makes me think you’re ten. If you say that’s when you started playing STEAM games, then you played M games when you were 2?

If the OP is the one I’m thinking of, he got Perma’d from there.

Perp, I have their script, linked SQL up correctly, one problem D: It was missing the shared.lua so I’m thinking of recoding it.

PERP doesn’t even have a shared.lua file.

( nub )

Even if it did, why the fuck would you have to recode it? It’s SHARED, i.e. you download it when you join the PERP server.



Hunts. Gtfo, I like recoding stuff :3

Is that why you’re using dark rp and not one of your uber gamemodes?