DarkRP sleep improvment

Hi i need a lua coder too script something for me its a improvement too DARKRP sleep.Okay there’s a bar like hunger mod, and when you have to sleep your screen darkens a little bit and it tells you you need sleep
and if you do not type /sleep it auto puts you too sleep then while your sleep the bar regenrates for about 1 min then you wake back up.So does this sound cool too anyone if anyones willing too do it plz leave a message.

You could look at that PooPee/Hunger mod DarkRP comes with, see how it works, and then make your own module(Is that what DarkRP calls them?) that has the same functionality, but with sleep.

i know but i dont know much lua and i dont want too mess it up

Iv done this but when i enable the bar i made, the hungermod bar doesnt appear any help?

ryan you have?

maybe you could only sleep on a bed? because otherwise you will get guys sleeping in the street

You will pay?

or you can make yourlself more vulnerable when sleeping, like someone could try stealing your money with chance of success or waking you up :wink: not bad idea, though my upcoming server uses bankomats - your wallet drops cash when killed or disconnected so you need to store money there - so there still may be people sleeping outside.