DarkRP Smart Shipment Generator v1.1

Hey guys!

Finally I managed to find the time to finish my little Shipment Generator for DarkRP (testes stable under 2.4.1).

Its written in C# and therefore needs the .NET Framework 3. For the people who don’t like .NET Framework: Have fun typing!

Why is it SMART?
Because the Tool automatically searches the garrysmod installation folder and scans it for entities, weapons and weapon-models to generate lists to make it easier for you to create the shipment you want.
You can open as many files as you want and the tool will automatically load the Shipment-Scripts which aren’t in a comment-block (the ones in the comment block are considered to be corrupt and therefore could cause trouble when loaded)
When you save to a file, the Shipments will be appended so you don’t need to be afraid, something could get lost.



About the dangerous thing, its just because its an exe in there… here’s a little bit to show its no virus:

Greetz Xaser

Looks good.
Pity that DarkRP isn’t exactly favoured by the community

Thanks, well i know DarkRP is a little infamous but the newer version is much better I think

I just want to point out that garrysmod.org automatically flags all .exe uploads as dangerous, and then removes them sometime later. I suggest uploading to a different source.

But, looks very good - well done.

yea i recognized that… I probably gonna try something else… By the way I’ve often seen a downloadbox which directs to Garrysmod.org and shows downloads and so on, how can I insert this?

ADIT: File updated, no warnings no more.

For me, the file download now has ‘File not found’ on it - which implies it has been removed. Are you sure you have put an updated link in the OP?

Was a mistake of the linkparser of the editor, thanks for the hint

Thank you for this!

On the download page for this, scroll all the way to the bottom, there should be two white boxes with a link in them, copy the link of the upper box and then paste it here.

Also, this looks pretty nice.

Thanks you two!

Can’t get the older Framework installed (3 I mean; I am currently running Windows 7 which comes with 3.5 by default and seems to not work with basic old 3, therefore crashing this handy little app which I MUST get my hands on lol)

.NET Framework is fully downwards compatible, so everything over 3 should work fine.

It isn’t working though =\ downloaded 4, still “has stopped working”.

I cannot change the amount of guns in a shipment. It always stays at ten.


All links that the readme gives you.

Realy good job bra.

@ static, I will give you a link to a special version of the generator that will create a logfile when you run it and will give me additional why it doesn’t work on your pc

@juicehead, strange error, thanks for reporting, due to the huge interest in the programm I will release a more improved version 1.2 soon, thans

@Wirexia, The is a reason why I didn’t post these urls: I want to see the number of total download on the garrysmod site, and this works best if the acutal links are secret. I’d like you or a moderator to delete these links.

@ Persious thanks!

nice try nigga

What, are you color blind, his skin is yellow!

Yea very nice… could we please get back to topic?

v1.2 is nearly finished, doesn’t have too many improvements tough, just bugfixes for now. I’m still waiting for statics answer to my PM so i can fix his problem as well.