DarkRP - Spawn ragdoll on death

Okay, I would like to know which file and which line do I have to modify to prevent DarkRP from spawning ragdolls on death.

Thanks in advance.

Look for a “PlayerDeath” or “DoPlayerDeath” hook in the gamemode files

Already did before I made the thread, nothing ragdoll releated in here.

Doesn’t DarkRP inherit from Sandbox, and Sandbox spawns a clientside ragdoll by default?


Serverside in Death Hook, will probably fix it, untested.

In base gamemode (init.lua), it creates a ragdoll in a DoPlayerDeath hook.

   Name: gamemode:DoPlayerDeath( )
   Desc: Carries out actions when the player dies 		 
function GM:DoPlayerDeath( ply, attacker, dmginfo )

	ply:AddDeaths( 1 )
	if ( attacker:IsValid() && attacker:IsPlayer() ) then
		if ( attacker == ply ) then
			attacker:AddFrags( -1 )
			attacker:AddFrags( 1 )