DarkRP spawning

I’m looking for a script or a menu or something that will allow me to set the spawn point for a job. Examples, Mayor spawns in office, Cops spawn in HQ…I’m running the latest darkRP and ULX admin mod. Any help?

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/setspawn job - clears spawns for the job and adds a new
/addspawn job - adds a new spawn to a job

sigh Okay, check to see if a player is on a team then use ply:SetPos.
–make a table first
teamdickspawn = {}
teamdickspawn[1] = vector (insert numbers here.)
teamdickspawn[2] = vector (insert numbers here.)
– then on playerspawn
function GM:Playerspawn (ply) – this is already made in the gamemode.
if ply:Team() == 2 then ply:SetPos(teamdickspawn[1])
if ply:Team() == 1 then ply:SetPos(teamdckspawn[2])