DarkRP Special Job

So i have a darkrp server and i want to make a job called Slenderman and i want it to remove all the weapons like the physgun and the tool gun but i don’t know know how. does anyone know how to do this? All i want him to spawn with is the custom gun i give him in the jobs.lua file. I know its possible but how do i do it? Also how could i make it to where when you become the job it nicknames you to Slenderman? I know thats possible too!

Metro :rock:

Add a hook on job change/spawn that if the job is slenderman, it strips the physgun and tool gun.

i suck at coding. not sure how

Read the wiki before asking… http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/DarkRP:CustomJobFields
Add this to your Slenderman job table
PlayerLoadout = function(ply) ply:Give(“myslendergrun”) return true end,
That should do what you’re trying. Remember to edit the weapon name.

Ok thanks