DarkRP - Stop bitching about it!

Latley I’ve been seeing more and more DarkRP haters out there, and it annoys the motherfucking hell out of me! Basicly, these elitist pricks are going about yapping on and on about how much better they are and how much more superiour their scripts are, for Elvis motherfucking Presley’s sake: ROLEPLAYERS DEFINE ROLEPLAY! Yeah, I know it is common to use DarkRP amongst minges, but why is that? Simple: It’s easy to use, and it’s a good and popular utility for a roleplaying server, only because of that something is too motherfucking complicated, does not make it any fucking better! Sure, any moron can put up cakescript, even though it takes longer, takes more work, and what’s the reward? Well, jobs are now flags and the player can pick a playermodel on their own, besides that, nothing more. So why the fuck do people bitch about DarkRP? Again, simple: They can’t rise themselves above others in a significant or atleast slightly prestigeful way, so they just basicly make up this new level of roleplayers that is superiour to others, even though turns out that they just isolate themselves from real roleplayers, untill they are simply amongst their own, it’s like motherfucking inbreeding in roleplay, they might aswell make a new subforum called “Alabama” for these people to bitch about their pointless crap in so that us “mugglers” dosn’t have to tell them to fuck off! But okay, for the fucking fun of it, let’s compare to something else:

Democracy is a common thing amongst several countries, it allows the majority to decide, only bad thing is that the majority are usually idiots, since only 46% of the world are statisticly defined as “smart”. So if everyone voted, we’d be fucked since every alternative picked would be decided by the dumb half. That’s how DarkRP is, the majority using it are idiots, therefore the results are shown as idiocy, yet it may be brilliant either way, just as democracy.

So if you like any other gamemode, that’s fine, I’m sure they all got their advantages, but lift them up, through contributing with things, or make your own one from scratch, untill they are so good so that DarkRP is obsolete, that’s the intelligent solution, rather than just moaping about how bad it is.



Because a picture says more than a thousand words…

I’m just waiting for DarkRP to have a flagging system instead of a voting system, I have no problems with darkrp, but the fact that it has a voting system causes players to not know they’re role and act like minges, aswell as it’s real life rp as aposed to hl2rp and it’s known as mingey by all the serious RPers, so none of them are really going to want to play it.

Note: There are still some serious RPers on darkrp

Agreed. I like DarkRP, it needs just some features just like “Flag-system” and things that decrease minging.

The only thing that will decrease minging is a flag system, I’ll work on implenting that if somebody wants…

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Jk. But that is against the rules… :frowning:

I totally agree with this. Thats where I first started and I had fun while I was there. Darkrp is alot of fun and I belive the coummunity is defined by its roleplay and roleplayers. I just one day found a more seriouse server and started to play there. Darkrp is a great script to start from and I have no probloms with the script but the pepole that make it have the sterotype on the outher hand…

I completely agree. Everyone has their own opinions about everything. If you have nothing constructive to say about the topic, then leave. If you post negatively, but make a sound argument about the point, that is understandable and can be taken as constructive criticism.

DarkRP needs a few more features to reduce minging. I think DarkRP is mostly okay.

DarkRP has implemented a couple features to keep mingind down, but the true responsibility is in the server admins. If you have admins that don’t do their jobs, any server running any script can easily turn into a huge mess.

Although the flagging system is set for insertion. This would be a very useful feature that solves many of he questions asked such as “How do I create a class only for donaters?”. This will also allow admins to limit more powerful classes to only a few select people.

If darkrp had.

Only spawn with hands ect.


I would use if it had thoose.

Whoa… Constructive critism, it’s learning O_O.

:stuck_out_tongue: falco should make 2 versions serious and lite.

Yeah, it is abit simplistic, in one way, that’s good, alot of the gamemodes needs to be abit less complex. But in one way, it needs some structure I suppouse.

DarkRP is too restrictive. For example i want to sell fruits, but i cant, the admin did not make a “fruit seller” job. And even if he did everyone would be like “YOU TRYING TO SCAM ME TO GIEF U MUNY ADN U GIF MI PRUP!!!1111one”

Here is how i think this could work out:

3 Jobs: Citizen, Mayor and cop and possibly female citizen, but no more.

Everyone who is a sort of citizen gets to choose their role. For example im citizen and i can be a flower shop owner, a mailman, whatever i want to.

I dont want the admin telling me what jobs i can and can’t have.

Their should also be a LOT LESS GUNS. DarkRP is now get money > buy guns > kill people > get killed > repeat. We should take out that factor.

Lastly a decent map. Rp_downtown just wont do. We need something like rp_hometown, Rp_evocity, rp_omgcity or whatever (even though i dont recommend omg as it has nuke button, though hometown has admin stuff too)

If all that happens it be a decent script to roleplay on, one which i would play. But the way it is now and the way its played makes it the laughing stock of all the roleplay community.

Its not only the roleplays, but the script too.

Most of this is defined by admins, rather than the script, in my community I allow people to request jobs, and that’s it.

Also: Guns won’t ruin roleplay, minges ruin roleplay.

Lies. It’s the most free RP scripts, at least here you can keep your physgun, gravitygun, toolgun and camrera, where in other scripts… you can’t.
You don’t need a “job” to do something, I mean, I was selling waffles in OfficeRP, I WAS SELLING WAFFLES!, but then an admin comes and tells me that my “waffles” (Just that “20” sign from HL2 recoloured to orange and a square texture) are lagging the server so he removed all my stuff, shop, waffles and my Home-Box…
Is not about the best script, it’s about how far your imagination can go…

DarkRP does have a /job command where any regular citizen can select a job that suits you best. Also, most of your suggestions can be easily acheived by putting some time in and customizing the default classes and adjusting the default shipments. DarkRP does have true potential, you just have to get a good server with good admins and a serious community.

If only I knew how to lua code I would begin coding a more serious/realistic rp off Dark RP. (LAWL. Dark RP edit.)