DarkRP - Stop bitching about it!

God, if i would know how to script properly, i would do Inventory and Flag -system for DarkRP.

I just might use some of these ideas and attempt to make a slightly better Darkrp. I’ll stick it on my server and see how it goes :cool:.

Just don’t listen to the whole “Less guns”-thing, do the opposuite, add more guns with just about the same stats, for the sake of character variation, it has nothing to do with advantage, just that pherhaps not everyone would go with a five-seven and an M4-A1.

As far as a flagging system goes, would you expect it to work in a similar way to the current “Admin/Superadmin” system? If so, then this might be easy to implement. If we replace the “0/1/2” for public/admin/superadmin with the name of a group that can be created using “settings/users.txt”, ULib, or another admin mod, and determine if a user is in that group and allowing/disallowing them to join the team.

As far as inventory, do you mean basically the current “pocket” system that saves?

What’s wrong with Alabama.

The racism, the hillbillies and the conservatives?

If you had read the OP, you’d get the referance.

You anti darkrp moaners won’t be stuck with DarkRP forever so don’t worry about it.

That depends really… We would need someone to beat Dark RP in all shapes/forms in creativity/less restriction to roleplay/easier to code.

That has been done. What we should in fact do is to make all the ‘roleplayers’ care less about building bases and killing people and more about roleplay.

Good roleplay with shootings and building is fun roleplay. Standing and doing pointless ‘/me’ all the time is retarded.

You speak the apocalypse :stuck_out_tongue:
Problem with that is mostly players are to afraid of each other… They believe everyone(assep their team) is out to get them. Someone needs to make a mass group ,and get permission from Dark RP Community admins to begin a mass war against players to get them to all work together. (May just be my opinion though)

Was I talking about standing in place? :wink: /me was created for actions that can’t be expressed through pre-existing means (Eg. Game mechanics prevent you from actually doing this. Includes things like facial expressions and stuff)

I personally like to do stuff like that, though. Passive RP is fun. (Don’t tell me I’m nuts, I already know that)

What about the minge admins? (12-year-olds that got their mom to buy a gameserver for them)

Thanks for the info and yeah, i mean pocket swep that saves items. So if you make expensive guns, you won’t get mad when you leave/crash from the server because it saves it your inventory.

When I said start a conflict… I meant like when people were doing that annoying HRU ,but kick it up a knotch by giving the attacking party weapons which can ban players (SWEP’s which work with ULX)

Well, that flagging method won’t work out of the box, you will have to make some changes to DarkRP’s source code to achieve that. I can take a couple minutes and find out what needs to be replaced. Although I am unsure as to whether I should keep the voting within the function, or leave it out because with flagging, you must be already whitelisted.

Although I think most of the people in this thread have had a major breakthrough, even if we changed darkrp, made it perfection, it has a bad name…

Most of the server roleplay community don’t go near DARKRP servers, they stay far away, even if it was the most serious script, they wouldn’t join due to them thinking it’s a mingerp server, so even if anybody modifies the script, all the serious roleplayers are going to assume it’s just a minge server, thus MAKING it a minge server.

Wait what? :raise:

So if I assumed that the grey rock outside my house is red, it’s going to be red?

If no serious players play on a server, then you either have a empty server, or a server full of minges. Didn’t really explain that one. :smiley:

takes a the grey rock outside my house,and hits you with it No. Stop eating the brainwashed troll thread items which tell you all Dark RP is Minge RP. Falco has been hard at work to decrease minging (is doing a very a good job) it’s now up to admins to make their server better.

:confused: child what are you talking about. All I’m saying is that if you have no serious roleplayers, you don’t have a serious server.