DarkRP storeOfflineMoney Wrongr

local steamid64 = util.SteamIDTo64( "STEAM_0:0:79902745" )

It’s work ,but always show Lua problem

I don’t know what I wrong

please help me

You are using steamid, no steamid64


Still wrong

this is darkrp function

function DarkRP.storeOfflineMoney(sid64, amount)
    if isnumber(sid64) or isstring(sid64) and string.len((sid64)) < 18 then -- smaller than 76561197960265728 is not a SteamID64
        DarkRP.errorNoHalt([[Some addon is giving DarkRP.storeOfflineMoney a UniqueID as its first argument, but this function now expects a SteamID64]], 2,
            { "The function used to take UniqueIDs, but it does not anymore."
            , "If you are a server owner, please look closely to the files mentioned in this error"
            , "After all, these files will tell you WHICH addon is doing it"
            , "This is NOT a DarkRP bug!"
            , "Your server will continue working normally"
            , "But whichever addon just tried to store an offline player's money"
            , "Will NOT take effect!"

    -- Also store on deprecated UniqueID
    local uniqueid = util.CRC("gm_" .. string.upper(util.SteamIDFrom64(sid64)) .. "_gm")
    MySQLite.query([[UPDATE darkrp_player SET wallet = ]] .. amount .. [[ WHERE uid = ]] .. uniqueid .. [[ OR uid = ]] .. sid64)