DarkRP stuff

Is there a radio that plays youtube videos for dark rp instead of the mic/radio combo thing?

CoderHire would be a great place to start.

Why does everyone talk about CoderHire… It’s all anyone talks about now adays… Spocksgirl, I’ll try to work something up when I’m not busy this weekend and release it in the Addon and Releases Section.

with PlayX you can play videos from youtube, and you can spawn radios, not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.

Well playX could work but is there a way that any one could buy the radio and hear it? because right now its set to just one player aand one repeater

It shouldn’t be set to one player I don’t think, it should be so anyone in a set radius can hear it. Unless you mean one person can spawn it? PlayX might be a bit OP if you want anyone to have the ability to spawn them (trolls setting radius to furthest and can play annoying sounds)

I don’t think there’s anything freely available that’ll do exactly what you want, but if you don’t mind paying for it, there’s WMC with the DarkRP entity or Broadcaster DLCs.

The closest free alternative I know of would be PlayX, as mentioned above, but that doesn’t seem to fit what you want.

I have the WMC script with both DarkRP and Broadcaster. It is well worth the money. Everyone loves it.