DarkRP Stun Stick....

Hey =), i always play in rp servers. and im always a cop. but this thing is i get this error on my head when i pull out my stun stick. and it really bother me and slow me down and make me lag. so i went to garrysmod.org i typed in search box “Stun Stick” so i saw a lot so download about three of them and they all dont work. so i am asking why am i getting errors? and maybe you can give a link to a working stun stick.

Do you have Half-Life 2 Deathmatch? If you do, you can extract the stunstick models from the GCF files into your Garrys Mod folders. Then it should work.

You need HL2:DM, you can get it for free if you have an Nvidia or ATI card.

I forgot to mention that. :3:
But thats how I got Deathmatch and Lost Coast.