Darkrp SVN No jobs In Job Tab HELP!!!

I installed Darkrp from the svn. I tested and all ok. Then i added that class to shared.lua:

TEAM_ADMIN = AddExtraTeam(“Admin”, Color(212, 180, 70, 220), “models/player/adminrpp.mdl”, [[Admin Class]], {“Admin_keypad_cracker”, “unarrest_stick”, “arrest_stick”, “stunstick”, “door_ram”, “med_kit”, “lockpick”, “weapon_rpglauncher”, “weapon_real_cs_grenade”, “weapon_real_cs_knife”, “weapon_real_cs_pumpshotgun”}, “admin”, 1, 99999999, 2, false, true)
TEAM_CAR = AddExtraTeam(“Car Dealer”, Color(0,255,100,255), “models/player/eli.mdl”, [[Car dealers are allowed to buy cars.
You should use /buyjeep.]], {}, “cardealer”, 2, 0, 0, false, false)

After that i restarted the server and i enter the server. I pressed TAB and citizen job as yellow. Then i pressed F4 and all looked for me ok but when i went to jobs tab anything was here. How can i resolve that?

Usually does it when something is wrong, but I don’t see nothing wrong with the 2 above…

Try and make sure all the weapons you named are in gammodes/DarkRP/Entities/Weapons

Also when i put new vehicles or shipments the shipment sistem breaks and only shows ammo crates. no more

Yeah mine did that read what I edited above though.

They are couse if i put in chat /admin i become admin with all weapons

Did you put them where it says in shared.lua?

in the end yes. Also now to try i erased the class and stills with no jobs :S is the last svn i looked now if was anyone newer