[DarkRP] Tab/Scoreboard names showing steam names instead of RP names

So I noticed recently a scoreboard i’m using off coderhire was showing steam names instead of RP names.

It comes and goes, it’s either past a certain point of you being on the server or happens when you first join.

I posted on darkrp forums but the views/responses come slow and I noticed it started to do the same thing when I put a new scoreboard on there.

So could this be a addon clash? timer issue or something strange?

Contact the author of the scoreboard.

Find out how DarkRP handles in-game nick, find ply:Nick() or LocalPlayer():Nick() on the scoreboard and replace it with the former method

That’s the problem though.

The dev is inactive and won’t answer steam/PM messages.

But also all the other scoreboards I have tried do the same thing, so assume a clash or something random.

Anyways might just re-build the lot.