DarkRP Team ban problem

Hello I wasn’t sure whether I am supposed to post this here or not… It does say

Anyway… I currently don’t have FAdmin installed on my server, and I have a problem with some code.
I know team banning is in FAdmin, not sure though if it has been implemented in DarkRP itself, seeing I can still do

So, I was testing this, and I banned one of my friends from a team, and from what I can see there isn’t an unban console command? (Tried rp_unbanteam and rp_unteamban)

And I just need help with this, as I couldn’t locate the code itself that does the banning.

Thanks for any help.

I think it’s defaulted to somewhere round an hour? If you know lua well enough you could find it in the DarkRP code, and maybe remove it if it in the SQLite table.

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Did a quick search and found this.

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Also found this

	local command = (button.TextLabel:GetText() == "Unban from job") and "rp_teamunban" or "rp_teamban"

So use rp_teamunban playername

Thank you so much