DarkRP - Team Voice

Hey Boyz nd Gurlz!

I trying to figure out how i can make like a Radio Chat for the police (cp)

Anyone know a Addon or a lua code for that ?

Would really appricate it !

I’m pretty sure there’s already a thing for this somewhere.

I’m searching now a few hours but still can’t find something like that.

Here you go: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1249475

To create an addon for radio, you’d need to hook into function GM:PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice( _listener, _speaker ) and modify it so that all people on the same team can hear each other regardless of position on map.

Still dont know how to do it, Help.

Hint: Player.isCP( ) will return true if they are police, mayor or chief :slight_smile:

And how i put in on another key