DarkRP: The Worst Gamemode

Before you click “Dumb”, please know that I am fully aware the majority of you couldn’t give half a shit about my opinion. All I ask is that you read this in its entirety before posting “lol mad” or something equally retarded. Thanks.

Recently, I’ve been playing quite a lot of DarkRP. It seemed fun, and I’ve heard a lot of my friends enjoying themselves while playing it, so I decided to click on it while browsing for servers and hopped onto one that had a suitable amount of players. After enduring an incredibly obnoxious and difficult-to-mute dubstep track that played in the background of the loading screen and spawning in some shitty subway with two admins bickering over whether to ban someone for something called “RDM”, I selected the job that seemed most appealing - “SWAT” -, which started a vote, and I went on my way.

About 12 seconds later, a lovely pop-up on my screen read, “Trilobite has not been made SWAT!”

Curious, I questioned the server as to why I was not made a SWAT in OOC. Nobody responded, but a simple press of the TAB button revealed the answer - out of 21 players, 15 WERE THIEVES. So, in OOC, I mentioned that it was mingey to not elect someone as a police officer simply because you didn’t want to have someone stopping your crimes, to which the following response was issued:

“lol noob”

I ignored this and selected a job that did not require a vote - Guard. After some appeasement, I convinced one of the many thieves to hire me to defend their base, and I received a hefty sum of money for doing so. All went well for about 15 minutes until a pick-up truck blasting rap music drove up to the sidewalk and the thieves inside began to demand entry into the base. I respectfully informed them that I had received an order not to allow anyone inside, and when one of the thieves stepped over the KOS line, I shot him. The other thieves opened up on me, and when I respawned, I was jailed for 240 seconds. The only reason the admin gave was the following:

“Invalid KOS line”

I tried to inform him that I did not create the KOS line, and since it was on the sidewalk outside of my client’s base, it was valid, but as it turned out, the thief I killed was the admin. So, my client got raided, all of his stuff was stolen, and I was freed 240 seconds later. Of course, the admin was nowhere to be found, so I was forced to jump off the rooftop I was planted onto, dropping me to 55 HP. A couple seconds later, I returned to my client’s base and apologized for being unable to defend them, only to be teleported to the same spot and jailed for an additional 360 seconds with a new reason:


After issuing about five demands in OOC, the admin finally arrived and asked me what I wanted. I pointed out that I hadn’t broken NLR since I was jailed for 240 seconds, which is four minutes - a minute longer than the MOTD states NLR is. A chat bubble appeared over his head and I assumed he was going to respond, but as soon as I rolled my eyes back towards the screen after taking a sip from my drink, the following derma panel was visible:


Disrespecting staff"

At this point, I gave up on DarkRP. I had been on the server for less than an hour, and I had only roleplayed for approximately 12 minutes. How can you people play this? How can you even do anything without arguing with admins?

It’s also noteworthy to mention that the server was choppy as fuck (~15 FPS or below) because it had every single fucking stupid little shitty addon CoderHire offered. I highly doubt the owner attained those addons legitimately, because that would have totaled approximately ~$5,000, and there’s no fucking way his userbase donated that much.

lol mad

You should know better than to go on DarkRP, that always happens.

Welcome to DarkRP, enjoy your stay. Let me tell you a story.

I tend to avoid DarkRP servers at all costs, I’ve already wasted over 300 hours on one (Friendly Players) which I was one of the richest players on ( 50 million.) which I had acquired through drug camping, raids and people quitting the server ( Got 20 million from quitting players I knew.). In all of this, I was apart of 3-4 flame wars, 2 demote requests and a huge fucking admin scandal. At the end, I had so much money I could do whatever I wanted. So I decided to go rampage and minge the shit out of it and crash it around 10 times with a friend of mine abusing a tool. Thats when I realized that DarkRP is just a huge waste of time.

The concept is litteraly the same on all servers. Cops VS Gangsters/x illegal faction. And it always ends up in some shitty raid where either part starts breaking all the rules and flamewars erupt. The other classes are litteraly useless as people always manage to aquire stuff from other players. It then ventures onto the forums where both sides start this ban request war, accusing eachother for all type of weird shit.

DarkRP is a really nice gamemode that can be used very well if it is properly maintained. Active admins that arnt assholes, a friendly enviromeny etc… Unfortently, 99% of all DarkRP servers if not all DarkRP servers fail on this. And some admins are just real dicks I say.

If I really want to play RP though, he only RP server that I know that acctualy does somewhat decent rp is Fearless, even if some of their rules are retarded. (Backseat administrating for arresting a propclimber >.<) They atleast seem to deliver their content in a good way.

I have owned Gmod for god knows how long with 2000+ hours, I have never once joined a DarkRP or any RP sever in this time.

I have only ever seen DarkRP on Youtube and that is all I had to see to know to never try this gamemode.

DarkRP, as a gamemode, isn’t bad. It’s the players and server owners/admins who usually run these servers that is it’s worst enemy. The servers are run mostly by teenagers drunk on power because they own their own server, so they set it up for how they want to play.

If you could get a good owner and good staff running a DarkRP server, it wouldn’t be a bad game to play.

Ha, white listed darkrp server for facepunch

DarkRP is a pretty terrible gamemode as it’s centered around a money printer economy, which in turn promotes violence.

Money printers don’t make darkrp bad,overall it’s not a bad gamemode it’s just every way we’ve really had it represented to us ie. every popular darkrp server is run by some skid or some dickhead with dickhead admins running a dickhead server filled with dickheads thus creating an environment where people don’t want to be, yet somehow still are…

Darkrp has potential, if someone had a server, with players, with decent admins, with a customised set of additional features for added uniqueness and could be sustained? Best server 2014

I’ve posted this before, I’m gonna do it again.

Years ago, I used an autoclick program to spam the “YES” button on a vote that I myself initiated. It worked. I posted the 'sploit on this website and no one cared until a year and a half later.

As much as I don’t want to ruminate over stupidity in a video game, I really wish there was an easy way to just piss everyone off in DarkRP as fast as possible.

Money printers control every bit of the gamemode in the sense that if you want to make money, you have to inherently break the law. As such, the cops will attempt to raid you, other law breakers will attempt you raid you, and in other words - cycle of violence.

You forgot to mention the 1 hour long download times , that will probably , 99% , be for vips only

It’s just fun for to fuck around in. I’d never take it personally or seriously, since all the admins and the VIPs usually circlejerk and can ban / kick for an irrational offense. It’s just dumbasses who either cock suck or buy admin that get those positions anyway.

To be fair, when I added the first moneyprinter to DarkRP (I got the concept from RRPX http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=61248 and made minor code changes to the fire and explosion aspects) - I kind of knew that printing would destroy the economy - but then I considered it to be educational. Everyone needs to learn that central banks printing money is just as bad as a player doing a little of their own quantitative easing. I guess that worked… There are a lot of things wrong with the way DarkRP basically works. I’m working on a new script that I think has better gameplay - but the features are secret for now because I want to avoid them just getting shoehorned in to DarkRP (no offense FPtje, you’re doing a good job with it, it is pretty stable, but I would do things very differently now than how DarkRP was when I was first working on it, and the game mechanics also)

And the horrible loading screen music you are going to be forced to listen to that whole time.

That can be for any server/gamemode? What does a loading screen have to do with a specific gamemode?

Also, He’s coming… http://facepunch.com/member.php?u=51486

I know i might sound “special” for saying this, but i think PERP is the closest thing you can balance between Chaos and Seriousness.

And its just better then DarkRP in every way.

Also here is a trick on how to avoid the loading music, THIS WORKS ON ALL SERVERS

Take your headset off…

Its the same thing. Instead of money printers, you have an AI you sell weed to.
Every RP Gamemode on Garry’s Mod is either Cops Vs. Robbers or SUPAHSEWIOUS ADMIN COCKSUCKING RP.

No one is attempting anything unique or different because it’s not profitable. The only time I think anyone tried anything different was when we had gamemodes like GModRP, Tiramisu, and attempts to make an RP gamemode out of GMod Stranded. Otherwise every gamemode for some dumb-ass reason has to be HL2RP/Stalker/Terminator RP, or has to be Cops Vs. Robbers.

people are usually alt tabbed on youtube or listening to pandora.

I haven’t played much DarkRP recently but when I played, I noticed one insane imbalance. The only classes that can pretty much go fuck around like hell without getting arrested or banned, are Thieves and Hitmen. When playing a medic or something and building up your base, you are mostly not allowed to have self defensive options or at least weapons to defend yourself in case of raids and such.

So, most likely, when NOT playing a class that is allowed to carry around guns, you are just fucked.

Pretty much what everyone else has said, it’s all that you can usually expect from Dark RP. The only time I ever hop onto them is to either fuck around or manipulate the admins into screwing with other players (It’s surprising how many times you can get away with screwing over the server with a simple use of ‘/rpname <Half of one player’s name> <Half of another of player’s name>’, and when they do try to punish you it ends up hitting them instead). If you want something remotely close to a balance between fun and seriousness, try PERP. A few servers have obnoxious admins but nowhere near as severe as DarkRP manchildren, and a few hours invested usually means you can get involved with the fun jobs.