DarkRP Tickrate issues

So besides the obvious tabo of using 100 tickrate, I’ve tried the following with the following outcomes:

16 - Laggy. Players lost ability to physgun props.
33 - Server Resources were running better. But any visual difference from anything above is not there.
66 - The “Default” for most people. Hated it. it looks the same as 33 but has almost a 2x scale in recourse demand.

My question is, I’ve seen people use 16 tick and it act just like 33. I want that. I want to have the extra resources but players can’t physgun props when it’s that low. Any suggestions on a “Magic Number” that is just enough for people to not lag?

I find 22 is a nice middle ground for most stuff. I however run my RP servers at 16 for the extra CPU head room for physics.

16 is a little bit too small for any acceptable physics simulation; 22-33 should work fine depending on your amount of players.

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You really notice the difference between 33 and 66 with vehicles and BHopping, which both rely on a large amount of per-frame simulation.

How can you run it at 16? Mine messes up alot.

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Could you possibly help me work on a few issues my server has been having via Skype? I’d really appreciate it!

I don’t help over Skype/external programs for privacy and accessibility reasons.

Sounds fine. Take care.