DarkRP: uid ( in bigint(20)) to steamID - LUA/mySQL/VBA


The new darkRP SQL database has a uid column that is in bigint(20). I sometimes export the darkrp_player table to Excel CSV and would like to convert the uid to steam ID (macro?).

If anyone knows how and can help, thanks!

So is it saved as 64bit steam id?

I think he means Unique ID. (player.UniqueID())

Doubt that, the unique id is a 32bit crc hash.

This thread contains a lot of discussion and code snippets for the SteamID -> CommunityID conversion and vice-versa.

The UniqueID is not the CommunityID.
So, that probably won’t help him.

Well incase he does mean the CommunityID, he can still have a look. Otherwise, the UniqueID, as Wizard of Ass already stated, can easily be calculated (CRC of (“gm_” + SteamID + “_gm”)).

The util.CRC method is for SteamID -> UniqueID conversion, not the other way around.

As far as I know, there’s no (simple) way to do it. You’re better off altering the gamemode to include the SteamID in the SQL data.

Thanks guys!

I’ll just go through the server logs and use that (it includes steamID).