DarkRP|UK|RP_DTown|FastDL|Fun|Nice Admins


New DarkRP server for the UK population (and others) have open up prefered language spoken is english fun server custom coded, nice sensible admins fastDL files, NO lag Sexy Owner ;D

Server runs 24.7 on Rp_downtown_v2 and is currently 12 slots but will be expanding v.soon, Join In and have fun!

Love Boshi

What is custom coded on your server?

shipments, jobs, weapons and drugs

If your not going to be different, don’t bother advertising. Jobs, shipments, weapons and drugs don’t make your server good.

just trying to populate my server dont have a little cry!

Generic DarkRP, very creative. If you want to advertise your server i suggest you offer something that thousands of other servers don’t.

Free Cookiez :3?


Do you troll everyones DarkRP server advertisement?

Nice 2 month bump, but basically yes he does.

Cool bump.