DarkRP Ulx integration

Can someone make a modification to DarkRP that basically replaces Fadmin with ULX? To where it uses the same tab menu and you can click on peoples names but instead of Fadmin, it works with ULX?

Things to make for it:

  • Use Fadmin tab menu and replace it to work with ULX commands
  • Add DarkRP commands to ULX and this tab menu
  • Include server settings tab to work with ULX instead of Fadmin

This would be helpful because almost no one likes Fadmin.

I (and many others) disagree with that statement. And also, why don’t you just use Fadmin? it’s great for DarkRP

Doesn’t ULX work with DarkRP anyways?
I was able to use it in a server and admins were still able to do their job with it.

It does, I just would like to see an integration system that allows for ulx commands to jail, unjail, setmoney, changejob, ect.

Those can be done by admins if I recall. Otherwise create a job only for moderation and give them access to those commands.

You could actually just edit the menu, but that’s touching core files…

DarkRP has been designed so that there are very very few times you will need to ever edit the core files. This is not one of those times, you could do it without editing core files.