(DarkRP) (ULX) Lower ranks than me can physgun me but i can't??? Help!

This all started a long time ago, and i think its pretty much Fadmin’s fault…

No matter what i try people lower than me (Super admin, admin, mod) Can physgun me… I messed with ulx, fadmin, everything, but cant find a way to fix it without deleting Fadmin, which i find a pain in the ass lol :confused:

Please help me if you can, i don’t need input on some person trying to start a flame war…


I don’t think that this belongs here, you’re better off asking here.


Lol… >_>

This is a common case If you have fadmin enabled but you just aren’t using it,

go into the fadmin server/admin commands using tab and going to the top right,
you’ll see two options, one of them is Player > admin pickup and Admin > Player pickup.

Disable player > admin pickup and they will no longer be able to move you around.

I also use both fadmin and ULX simultaneously.

If this is annoying then I suggest you delete FAdmin and re add its quite easy just delete the FAdmin folder in Darkrp
then add the new updated one that in the SVN.