DarkRP ULX Permissions

Hello people of facepunch,

So I have a darkRP server with custom ranks inheriting from superadmin, I give myself the permissions, but it acts as if I don’t actually have permissions of the superadmin, I can’t assign doors to certain groups without switching my group back to superadmin, same for setting my team, etc why does it act like this? How would I fix it with my custom rank as I don’t wanna have to use superadmin rank… Help would be appreciated.

What ranks do you have? And never change the default superadmin as it will fuck up ulx.

I haven’t changed the default superadmin, the rank I have is Owner/Co-Owner/Head Of Staff, it also seems that the mayor can’t do /placelaws for the lawboard WHATSOEVER, it just completely disallows them from doing so…

If anyone could possibly help me… it would be much appreciated.

As far as I know DarkRP uses superadmin as the default ruler of all. You have to be superadmin to set permissions and do other DarkRP related things. That’s just how it was coded. It doesn’t matter about inheritance because it only looks for “superadmin”

Well on a friends server, it works fine… I mean not doubting you, but thats fine, also do you have a general idea of why I can’t place a lawboard as a mayor? Staff or not, it doesn’t allow me… help would be appreciated.

You may want to check if there are any addons that could be affecting it. Or if you’ve edited any CORE files of DarkRP you might wanna fix that.

Why do you want the rank owner?? Just set yourself back to superadmin and get some chat tags, if you want people to know that you are the owner.

I haven’t modified core files of DarkRP, also Icejjfish, do you have a chat tag thing that I can assign to names rather then to permissions/groups? Would be appreciated… thanks people.

Well rejax made one. And I got his. I’ll give you a link to the thread or pastebin it. Though I can’t do now as I’m on my phone.

Here’s a link

The only thing about that Aeternal, the first link is outdated, and the second link doesn’t support steam ID’s to have specific users, any idea what I can do to change that? Help would be appreciated.

Also I use a custom chatbox that gives custom tags to usergroups, I just want a chat tag thing for specific users.

The first link was outdated that’s why I gave you a link that directed you to rejax’s link. You can always ask rejax for some help with adding Steam ID support or ask on FP.
(Rejax is a nice guy he might help ya)