DarkRP Update

Hey so i was asked to help a friend build a server he has alot of things precoded by someone else im just cleaning up and adding new things.
Now i believe (with my minimum experience) that his version of Darkrp is outdated how can i be sure and will it make some unwanted problem if i update it eg. have some of the coding changed so eg. jobs wont be working correct or will it affect the addons on the server like would i have to remount the addons?

basicly how do i know its outdated and how will the update affect whats allready on the server?

As long as he didn’t change the DarKRP gamemode files and he used the darkrpmodification addon he should be fine. https://github.com/FPtje/darkrpmodification

right the server has kinda burned to the ground in a series of accidental events where the server owner updated the main server and i coded in the backup in the end i just give up and rebuild everything from scratch…