DarkRP User created content - SVN

Hey facepunch.

i see you all releasing all your dark rp jobs and no offence or anything but it does get annoying with all theys
So i have set up a UCC (User created content) SVN just for you guys.
I would like anything in the SVN from Drugz to cars from npcs to STD’s just anything you post here will get a quick review them uploaded

What is the point you may ask?
Well the point of this is to reduce the number of job release threads and to spread your jobs to other people through a SVN

What can i do?
Well you can submit all your dark rp jobs and shipments here and any other nice dark rp mods you made and i will add them to the SVN and other people will use them

If you own a server and wish to use this SVN here is the svn


Heres a little rant for all you dark rp haters
This is freeing up the forum of all the little dark rp extras so you can browse straight past
And please dont come here and rant about dark rp because it will really annoy people who want to view this.

also guys i broke my arm 2 days ago so please dont moan about grammar it hurts, so it really aint a good idea to torture myself to add a few full stops and stuff

Thank you for viewing

(all times are in 0 also known as Uk)


10 July 2009 - 16.59 - Inital SVN Set up

10 July 2009 - 17.03 - Drugzmod shipments added, Admin and Drug Baron job added

here are the ones i have made if any1 wants them

TEAM_DRUG = AddExtraTeam( "Drug Dealer", Color(0, 51, 0, 255), "models/player/zombiefast.mdl" , [[Sell Drugs to the citizens 
(use /bugdruglab or /buyshipment [drug])
the drugs for the shipment are:
Beer, Aspirin, Cigarettes, Cocaine, 
Heroine, Lsd, Mushrooms, Water, and Weed
watch out for cops]], { "weapon_glock2","pocket","keys"}, "Drug", 2, 55, 0, false, false)
TEAM_GAURD = AddExtraTeam( "Gaurd", Color(204, 0, 0, 255), "models/player/leet.mdl" , [[protect VIPS but make sure they pay you 
otherwise break their legs
You Can always work to protect someones home or property
just remember get paid]], { "weapon_fiveseven2","item_ammo_pistol", "item_ammo_pistol","pocket","keys"}, "gaurd", 2, 55, 0, false, true)
TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam( "SWAT", Color(153,0,153,255), "models/player/combine_soldier.mdl" , [[you are a part of the elite swat team
assist the cops in catching badguys
assist the cops only when they call for you
or there is a highly dangerous player (multi-killer)
you are to take orders from your leader 
no shooting the innocent ]], { "weapon_mp52","weapon_p2282","item_ammo_smg1_large","item_ammo_pistol_Large","door_ram"}, "SWAT", 2, 75, 0, true, true, TEAM_POLICE)
TEAM_SWATL = AddExtraTeam( "SWAT LEADER", Color(153,0,153,255), "models/player/combine_soldier.mdl" , [[Step UP and be a Leader]], { "ls_sniper","weapon_pumpshotgun2","item_ammo_smg1_large","item_box_buckshot"," item_ammo_smg1_large","item_box_buckshot","door_ram","pocket","keys"}, "SWATLEADER",1 , 85, 0, false, true, TEAM_SWAT)
TEAM_THIEF = AddExtraTeam( "Thief", Color(51,51,51,255), "models/player/hostage/hostage_01.mdl" , [[your low life scum rob cheat and steal to get on top]], { "lockpick", "keypad_cracker","pocket","keys"}, "thief", 2, 45, 0, false, false)
TEAM_ENF = AddExtraTeam( "Enforcer", Color(0,255,0,255), "models/player/combine_super_soldier.mdl" , [[You Are the Enforcer]], { "weapon_ar2","item_ammo_ar2_large","item_ammo_ar2_large","item_ammo_ar2_large","item_suit","item_battery","item_battery","item_battery","item_battery","weapon_smg1","item_ammo_smg1_large","item_ammo_smg1_large","item_ammo_smg1_large","pocket","keys"}, "admin", 1, 0, 2, false, true)
TEAM_ARMY = AddExtraTeam( "Military", Color(255,255,0,255), "models/player/dod_german.mdl" , [[Follow Orders Directly from your commander
or your commander orders it (unless he orders you to kill unarmed players)]], { "weapon_357","item_ammo_357_Large","item_suit","item_battery","item_battery","item_battery","pocket","keys"}, "ARMY", 2, 90, 0, true, true, TEAM_SWAT)
TEAM_ARMYL = AddExtraTeam( "Military Commander", Color(255,255,0,255), "models/player/barney.mdl" , [[You are in charge of the military
take your orders from the president himself
only fire if fired upon]], { "weapon_smg1","item_ammo_smg1_large","weapon_slam","weapon_slam","item_ammo_smg1_grenade","item_ammo_smg1_grenade","item_suit","item_battery","item_battery","item_battery","pocket","keys"}, "ARMYL", 1, 100, 0, false, true, TEAM_ARMY)
TEAM_ninja = AddExtraTeam("Ninja", Color(55,55,55,255), "models/player/urban.mdl", [[Stealth is Key (you are a hired assasin
not a free killer)]], {"ninjarope","weapon_akswords","lockpick","keypad_cracker","pocket","keys"}, "ninja", 2, 50, 0, true, false, TEAM_THIEF)

you need the ninjarop and akswords from the ninja sword pack v3 to use the ninja (mine is the flashstep with the akswords models) if you do get the flashstep i suggest setting the speed lower and set the key to shift not space open up shared lua look for IN_JUMP and replace with IN_SPEED then look for *500 and turn it to *200
the enf is a super admin class
the military commanders slams can only be used as a trip mine not as a proxy mine

these classes where built with a president not a mayor but you can just change the word president to mayor in there job descriptions
the drug dealer uses drug mod shipments
and the army member is DoD model

also need a keycracker swep

you might want these if you use my drug dealer PROVIDED BY NOODLE MAN NOT ME

AddCustomShipment("Beer", "models/drug_mod/alcohol_can.mdl", "durgz_alcohol", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG, TEAM_BAR})
AddCustomShipment("Aspirin", "models/jaanus/aspbtl.mdl", "durgz_aspirin", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Cigarettes", "models/boxopencigshib.mdl", "durgz_cigarette", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Cocaine", "models/cocn.mdl", "durgz_cocaine", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Heroine", "models/katharsmodels/syringe_out/syringe_out.mdl", "durgz_heroine", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Lsd", "models/smile/smile.mdl", "durgz_lsd", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Mushrooms", "models/ipha/mushroom_small.mdl", "durgz_mushroom", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Water", "models/drug_mod/the_bottle_of_water.mdl", "durgz_water", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment("Weed", "models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl", "durgz_weed", 10000, 10, false, 10, false, {TEAM_DRUG})

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Breaking your arm is no excuse to not at least paste it into Word for basic grammar checking.

This is probably part of why you were rated Dumb. Do you enjoy admin abuse on RP servers?

Don’t take those ratings so serious… I bet some 09er just tried to be funny.

XD see what I mean we all got dumbs

mate, great idea pasting into word I’m on my phone so I can’t do that at moment

i dont see why you guys have to be pricks this is for the people who like darkrp to share what they have created just because you guys dont like it dont troll other people were i live (much like most of the world) i am entitled to my own opinion so screw off and let us enjoy DarkRP if you dont like it why the hell are you still replying in every darkrp topic? Ignore darkrp get a different gamemode because your probably still using it if you pay this much attention 2 it

how do you make an svn :downs:

No one is being a prick. This thread is just being a bad stereotype of DarkRP.

All this person is trying to do really is make it easier for people who enjoy DarkRP to get a faster and more efficient way of sending and receiving information and help for DarkRP. We all know DarkRP has it’s up’s and downs, however you act like we FORCE it on you to play it. No one does, therefore you have nothing to complain about. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Simple as that.

Having an easy to use repository of mingey additions to a decent RP gamemode isn’t going to approve its quality. For the record, I like DarkRP sometimes; it’s most of the user/adminbase that I dislike.

True, admin abuse of course can ruin ones taste of any game. However, the part you quoted was the “admin” job he added if I’m not mistaken. Honestly on my server I was working on a admin job which only Superadmin and above could use (me and my co-owner.) It was going to have an invisible player model. All that it was going to be used for though is either so I could exit RP quickly to do admin business (checking for illegal stuff on my server), or to check on someone without me being viable so I could check if they are say making turrets, or trying to crash the server. An admin class is not bad necessarily, unless you fill it with admin only guns and irresponsible admins.

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[lua]TEAM_REBEL = AddExtraTeam(“Rebel Thief”, Color(175, 25, 35, 255), “models/player/corpse1.mdl”, [[You’re a Rebel Thief, break into peoples homes steal their personal belongings]], { “pocket”,“keys”,“unarrest_stick”,“lockpick”, “rebelthief” <2> <350> <0> <false> <true> TEAM_REBEL[/lua]

I think that codes correct, I’m just learning Lua so yeah…

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Not even LUA, you prolly used the classmaker mmkay