DarkRP V2. (Not to be confused with "DarkRP" / LightRP)

DarkRP was the gamemode originally made for Digital soul roleplay by Rick Dark in 2006 for Garry’s Mod 9. Darkrpv2 was to be the next gen script in the transition from Gmod 9 to 10. Designed by myself, the community, and the occasional suggestion by Rick dark, and coded by Rick dark.

Features like Incapacitation were originally brought to garry’s mod RP in DarkRP then ported over to DarkRPv2 in Gmod10 with the additions of ragdoll damage, and the original NPC animations script. DarkRPv2 pushed the boundaries of what people thought an RP script was capable of, later becoming the philosphical basis for Tacoscript, Tacoscript 2, and many other scripts to come later. This is the script that changed GmodRP and launched Rick’s scripting career in gmodrp.

It is as far as I know, entirely non-functioning and here for educational purposes only. You’re free to do with it as you like, as long as you credit the creators, DSRP and Rick Dark.



( We won’t offer support for this, if you’re interested in asking us questions, stop by our forum. http://thedigitalsoul.net/forum )

(Sources to our, and a few other known RP maps can be found here, entirely legit. here )

DarkRP was a spoof of LightRP. LightRP was for Gmod 10, how could DarkRP be made for gmod 9?

All the files in the addon are .txt files, nothing of it is even Lua related. What the hell? This is in no way a gamemode release.

First off, you’re wrong about that; DarkRP came first, then DarkRPv2. LightRP came later as Rick dark’s attempt at a public gamemode that was easily accessable, then someone made a modded version CALLED DarkRP. Hence the title of the thread.

As for the file, I forgot to check inside it and make sure it was all intact, it was off an old server backup and I forgot to see if it had the scripts packaged up inside. It’ll be fixed pretty quickly. Apologies for that.

The issue has been resolved, thanks for pointing that out! The script is now actually included this time. :stuck_out_tongue: These were mostly data and configuration files for it really.

Uh chief. Your from 2010 ,and your trying to tell the current coder of Dark RP that he doesn’t understand shit about the gamemode he’s coding.

I never stated that he doesn’t understand shit about the gamemode he’s coding, he just seemed to be unaware of the origins of the name.

However, if you don’t believe me, check inside init.lua.

PS, It’s impolite to make assumptions based on someone’s account creation date.

Especially when my original account is from 2005.

Egg on face, etc.

Piece of gamemode history right there, good submission.

DarkRP wasn’t in gmod9. I never recall seeing the server.

Because the server was never named after the script nor was it publically released until now.


DigitalSoul had a roleplay script called DarkRP. This is going back to 06/07.

DSRP went a bit bonkers and Rick D started working on LightRP in early 2007, eventually having it released by Feb I believe.

LightRP was extremely easy to modify, so a version was made by some other guy (I honestly can’t recall his name) which added stuff like drug labs and a few more classes. This was also called DarkRP and is loosely related to the original, but only by author and name.

Looks like a SVN dump… but not from the DarkRP svn

Rick only started working on it because he disliked the direction that Kuro wanted the script to go. DSRP hadn’t gone bonkers we were just way ahead of our time. Also it wasn’t early 2007 that it was worked on I believe it was either late 2007 or early 2008.

If it helps anyone, think of DarkRPv2 as Tacoscript in it’s earliest form. Because that is pretty much what it was intended to be.

It definitely wouldn’t have been before mid 2007 because I started work in 2008.

I also wouldn’t have had been able to make this:


Someone should patch up CrapRP.

Hello my name is Rick Dark, and I will clarify some information in this thread.

My first RP script was called “DarkRP” (based off my RP name, Rick Dark). This was created for Gmod9, in around March of 2006.

I created the Gmod10 sequel script that this thread is about, “DarkRPv2” AKA “CrapRP”/“cRP”, in December of 2006, right after Gmod10 was first released.

I created “LightRP”, the public RP script in January/February of 2007.

I quit work on “DarkRPv2” in March of 2007.

Then a man named “Rickster” released a modification of “LightRP” called “DarkRP” in June of 2007, coincidentally named the same as my first RP script.

everything in quotation marks is important.

Or for a more detailed list, http://thebearfucker.net/gmod.html


Wow thanks a lot for the clarification. I was really confused about the history of DarkRP.

I’ve never seen a gmod 9 server with DarkRP, I guess I played too much on my listen server back then :v:

The scripts you made look quite nice.

Rick, what is your opinion about the current DarkRP that I maintain? :keke:

I did kind of give you proof :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just confused about the story. I am now enlightened.

Rick, is Breakin Jail still being worked on? It looks good.