Ok i made a mockup of a GUI i want to build to work with DarkRP i was wondering if anyone knew how to make this

here are my mock ups



Wallet $10000 = This is how much money the player has
Virus78 = This is simply their RPName
Gun Dealer = This is the players job
The bars are pretty self explanatory (I forgot the HungerMod bar but that woul dbe blue in exactly the same style above Health and below Pee
10/100 = This is the ammo for current weapon


I could give it a go a I guess?

That would be so awesome! thanks

I would also appreciate something like this - Im just thinking the current DarkRP is a bit old fashioned for the moment.

I also got a quick idea.
How bout place a little shot of their player models head some where?

any updates on this?

I’ve seen this on a server I think. not sure though

I could use this too :slight_smile:

bah he obviously isnt doing it ill jsut do it mahself!