DarkRp - VIP only job models.

What im trying to find out is if its possible to add VIP models to a normal job such as citizen.

normal user : “models/player/Group01/Female_01.mdl”, “models/player/Group01/Female_02.mdl”,
VIP user: “models/player/Group01/Female_01.mdl”, “models/player/Group01/Female_02.mdl”, + “models/player/group01/male_01.mdl”, “models/player/Group01/Male_02.mdl”.

I hope that makes sense.
I know it would be much easier to just make vip jobs and that but alot of my jobs are 1 slot sensitive and i feel that it would be cheap to make it vip only.

Just create two jobs, hide one from VIPs and vise versa.

Can u explain to me how this would work with jobs such as mayor, police chief, and basicly every other job thats would be limited to 1 person. I mean im glad you responded but unless im overlooking it that kinda defeats the purpose.

if you only did it to the citizen class it wouldn’t affect the other jobs you mentioned

Correct however it’s more of a donator perk to slow almost every job to choose what model with some restrictions of course. Right now i tied it in with the points shop system v2. However its not what I want for longterm

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Basically I want to allow more freedom to those who donate, without weighing down the free players. But like I said I got point shop handling it and with our donation script I could probably tie into that to give models. I’ll start breaking into that later. Just be nice to add a hook to the darkrp jobs and be done with it

it’d be easier to just add a donator job for vip called citizen that they can just change into and have the added models there

Yah it’s kinda defeats the purpose of mayor and chief but I think I’ll be fine with point shop system

Probably a better way to do it is to use the Darkrp Custom Job Fields. You can do a check in PlayerSetModel and if they’re VIP you can just set them to the model (if they don’t get force respawned, if they do use PlayerSpawn and put it in).

Yah I put some time into that experimenting with that. Works greats if I want them to go to that model or rotate between those. However I was hoping for it to add to the table. But at this point sounds like Ima just stick with the points shop system we have and just set it up so they can select what skins they want sorta works better since now u can sell the skins with customizable features. Gives the ones who spend time playing on server to get points every so much time.