DarkRP Vote Error

In my DarkRP game, it wont let players chose jobs because it says that they need to vote for it, but it wont let them create a vote! Any fixes?

Firstly, do you get any errors? And if so, could you please post your code? I’m sure this would not happen without you messing around with something. I would suggest re-installing DarkRP. Have a look in the config or search it up if you haven’t already.

There are no errors…I was hoping that other people had this problem and there would be a quick fix for it :confused:

Have you modified DarkRP in any way? I have never experienced this problem before, and never heard about it either. Try to re-install DarkRP.

I have not heavily modified DarkRP…I REALLY dont want to have to reinstall it until im positive that its the gamemode files…

Do you by chance have a custom F4 menu?

Because what I’m thinking is, when that usually happens it’s because for example someone tried to use /police instead of /votepolice, which by default should be the command running if the job needs a vote, unless you want to force yourself into it as an admin

I do in fact have a custom one! That might be it!