DarkRP vs GmodRP

OK now well most of you have sure already seen thread about that DarkRP sucks and thats why i want to start a discussion between DarkRP and GmodRP.

Here is my points why DarkRP is better than GmodRP.

  1. DarkRP is not a copy off code stuff if you look in the codes of GmodRP you see the code are like basic like in fretta like team.SetUp etc.

  2. DarkRP is not a MingeRP it is just that there are too many kiddies who think they have to revenge with there Server and SuperAdmin Power and RDM etc. and make their server mingelove.

  3. DarkRP is still one of the most used Gamemode on the Server List althrough most say DarkRP suck .

  4. DarkRP is very nice and very cool to play if there are proper Admins and proper Settings made.

  5. DarkRP is good made and got like a standard for Roleplay.

These 5 Points are the most important for me and i would like to know whats your opinion.

Post your Opinion either for DarkRP or for GmodRP or for both.



DarkRP < Every other script in the entire world, including sandbox.

I’ve never come across a server with DarkRP being good in any way.

Yeah of course but depends there are a few server that are good but these are very rare

the third point is because darkrp is the easyiest to install, and its harder to find admins for something else than darkrp.

Its the most used RP script as its the only one you can just pull a shotgun out of your ass pretty easy and go shoot unarmed civilians trying to setup a melon shop. Complete with feeling of power and crappy aim.

DarkRP is very playerfree, maybe too much, and that’s why is abused.

DarkRP as a script is great, but it’s just the players that screw up stuff. Gamemodes like Cakescript and Tacoscript have less fag players because it’s harder to get guns, and generally have a much serious atmosphere because of that.

But seriously if you join any darkrp server there WON’T be any RP’ing going on, just money printer stealing, RDM’ing, and little kids with mics. Private server ftw

Seems to be like people are just seeing DarkRP being used as it was meant to be. It gave you all of those things to use, people are merely using them.

Trying using DarkRP for a different type of RP style and you can get interesting results.

Don’t have the focus be on what the script has, use the script as an enforcer and tool, not as the content.

This is an example (please excuse the poor writing) of what I’m talking about: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=14737729&postcount=219

Everything we did there was content from gmod, example: We didn’t pretend I was shooting lighting around, I had a swep that did it. Notice how we never used the content of DarkRP. It was merely a tool to enhance the RP we were already doing. That was with two people, during the times we were separated I cloaked myself, nocliping around and spawned the necessary things so the RP had a flow that didn’t get broken. This to me is what being an admin is really about, not punishing people (shouldn’t need to) but enhancing the RP.

Dark RP.
I don’t support a script kiddy who tries to level servers for hosting a gamemode.
Yes… I do mean Slob’s campaign against Dark RP cause his gamemode Gmod RP sucked balls.


No. I’ve found so much more idiots on TnB ,and Cakescript that my eyes want to pour blood.
The idea that,“no guns = no dumbasses” is very incorrect. For example… I can’t go up to an officer in TnB ,and say one word with out getting half my brains beat out. Why? Cause the officers are 12 year old fucktards obsessed with Half Life 2. I run from the officer in a chase. I get banned for bad roleplay. They tell players to roleplay using weapons ,but the TnB officers are so stuck up their own asses that they don’t use /me or /e.

In my opinion, Guns Regulate Dumbasses. Sure the person with more guns = alpha male in the pack sometimes does suck ,but you know what? It sure keeps fucktards in check ,and gives an actual reason for people too want to revolt against the other players. Making it so, X player can’t revolt against Y faction would only make it imbalanced ,and make the game not fun for jackshit.

Want to do something correctly? Remove the bad Dark RP jobs such as, Mobboss,Cook,Gundealer,CP Chief,Gangster,and Otherwise… Allow freedom of player models which aren’t Mayor ,and Civil Protection ,and make it so weapons are actually worth the realistic street price. Make an economical reality ,and congrats… You just made Dark RP into one of the best fucking gamemodes in existence (or made it PERP )

Also make a automatic wanted system based on founding of evidence/witnessed crime for less confusion in crime/punishment situations. Usually first you gotta start thinking whos the one to blame and keep him from escaping after you bust into a room full of druglabs. By the time you wrote the warrants and found out the guilty youve been shot in the back thrice.

Its not the script, its the players.