DarkRP was unable to introduce player

Just randomly appeared on the server, any way to solve this, I’ve heard I can call the PlayerInitialSpawn hook, but not sure how to, help please, thanks.

[ERROR] A runtime error has occurred in "gamemodes/needforspeedrp/gamemode/modules/base/sv_gamemode_functions.lua" on line 687.
The best help I can give you is this:

DarkRP was unable to introduce player "Crane" to the game. Expect further errors and shit generally being fucked!

	- This error most likely does not stand on its own, and previous serverside errors have a very good chance of telling you the cause.
	- Note that errors from another addon could cause this. Specifically when they're thrown during 'PlayerInitialSpawn'.
	- This error can also be caused by some other addon returning a value in 'PlayerInitialSpawn', though that is less likely.
	- Errors in your DarkRP configuration (jobs, shipments, etc.) could also cause this. Earlier errors should tell you when this is the case.

The responsibility for the error above lies with (the authors of) one (or more) of these files:

------- End of Simplerr error -------

After that there comes these errors, where I tryed removing these addons and it did not work.

[ERROR] addons/pubghud/lua/pubghud/pubghud.lua:302: bad argument #1 to 'upper' (string expected, got nil)
  1. upper - [C]:-1
   2. fn - addons/pubghud/lua/pubghud/pubghud.lua:302
    3. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109

  1. unknown - [C]:-1

Error in hook HUDPaint: addons/pubghud/lua/pubghud/pubghud.lua:302: bad argument #1 to 'upper' (string expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'upper'
	addons/pubghud/lua/pubghud/pubghud.lua:302: in function 'fn'
	addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109: in function <addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:92>
	[C]: in function '•‎​‬‪•'


There was also Two more errors from two more addons which I tryed removing aswell, did not work.

Yeah, fix the code that causes an error, we can’t help you with anything else with just that info

Sorry, I’ve tought I copied the code but apparently I did not.

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I might aswell just try removing last addons I’ve put it, that might get rid of the error.

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Well it’s fixed lol.

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It had that Auction NPC for vehicles, in the data folder there was his file where he saved all the players that were on the server, all their cars and stuff, I’ve removed those cars but apprarently there must’ve been some brackets like that I was no supposted to remove.

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Sorry for wasting your time gonzalolog