*** DarkRp Weapon Animation Glitch?***

I need help, why is all the weapon animations busted in my server??? when I have keys out it shows that the player is holding a gun and its the same with all weapons if the player holds an assualt rifle it show him holding a hand gun and its with all weapons rpg, battering ram, all assualt rifles, smg’s, all weapons anything hands or knife it shows the player model holding a handgun well there is no handgun in his hands but its the way his arms are layed out.

It shows the player models holding invislbe hand guns its the handgun animation but with everyweapon I need help.

Is your server local, or are you using FastDL?
Try re-building cache and if that doesn’t work, try removing some of the add-ons. Trial and error? Hope it works for you :3

Isn’t the problem that the sweps only tell the clients to hold a weapon a certain way but it also needs to tell the server now

Ok now that I know what it is… The real question that would seriously help me is how do I fix it!!!