DarkRP Weapon pack glitches

So I have a couple glitches with the gun pack I am trying to use on my DarkRP server, The weapon pack is M9K weapons that have been reduced to just a couple of every type of gun.

when the gun is purchased from the shipment it has 0 ammo however when you purchase some ammo and use it all the gun does not stay empty is deletes itself from the inventory.
when the gun shipments are in the F4 menu the icons are weird, some are zoomed out alot or to the left while some are just gone in total
when the guns are put onto the server they reload in less than a second and when I shoot them the recoil animation stops just as it starts (animations don’t glitch in singleplayer)
when the shotguns start reloading the first shell goes into the gun and then the animation just stops putting the shells into the gun but keeps playing the sound and the gun keeps getting shells into it. (doesn’t glitch in singleplayer, loads the gun properly)
when I hold shift the gun jitters (doesn’t jitter in singleplayer)

When I am trying it out in singleplayer I just have it in my addons folder in gmod

any help is greatly appreciated, if you need anything more please tell me.