DarkRP Weapons and Money float and are not usable

I got the CS:S content via hldsupdatetool, it downloaded everything, but I still get the floating weapons problem.

Can someone help please?

-snip- Nevermind, I failed at reading.

Do you actually own CSS?

Copy Models and Materials from Cstrike to Garrysmod and it will work.

That didnt work.

And yes, I do own CSS.

I get the same problem, I was waiting for someone to ask

You need to add the entire “cstrike” folder in C:/programfiles/steam/steamapps/(SteamaccName)/Counter strike source

Put the “cstrike” folder into your servers Orangebox/(In Here)/
I believe its right after the Orangebox folder.

Do you have the latest version of dark rp?

I have done, I have this problem when I run my server



I fixed it

You actually don’t want to pull the files from steamapps, Server files are not equal to client files. You’ll want to run HLDS Update tool, and tell it to fetch the counterstrike contents. You will then move the cstrike folder into the orangebox folder. Also, you don’t need to own counterstrike in order to grab the server files.

Best of luck!

I did that