DarkRP Weapons Broken!

This is on DarkRP: 2.5.1

So all of the weapons worked at some point but now they are all broken :frowning:
Almost all of the non Gmod or darkrp weapons are broken!

Here is the error:
SWEP:SetWeaponHoldType - ActIndex[ “” ] isn’t set! (defaulting to normal)

What does this mean?
If possible add me to steam! I will be more active there !
Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081844123

Example of the weapons im using:
Gangsta P99

If you can help me fix this error add me on steam. Or you can just reply on here(delay in reply)

Metro :quagmire:


Some of the weapons you are using use the old SetWeaponHoldType. You will have to extract the addon and modify the files yourself. Anywhere you see SetWeaponHoldType, replace it with SetHoldType

I’m pretty sure that is isn’t m9k. It’s probably the rape swep.

Thank you nick, M9K is broken too. Though im not sure how to “Extract the addon” and get it back to addon form. Can i edit this while still in GMA form? And if so how and what do i need to edit? I’ve heard that you have to edit the sh_ani. Is that true? thanks!

Use this to extract addons in .gma format. No you can’t edit the .gma you have to extract it with the extractor. Open all files and search for ‘SetWeaponHoldType’ then replace with ‘SetHoldType’