DarkRP - Weapons don't drop and unable to pick them up

Well I have a server where when I click a shipment, this is what happens to all my weapons and are unable to pick them up.

Are you pressing E?
Also you should report this to the server owner, not facepunch.com

1st. Yes I am pressing E
2nd. I am the server owner…

The server needs CSS content.

Edit: Also,


Thanks it works!

Another question, How do I get people on my server, No one is coming on xD

Are you hosting the server on a computer in your own house? If so, you should make sure people can join. Ask a real life friend or someone in your friends list to try to join it.
If they right click your name and click Join Game and that doesn’t work, it could be because steam is giving them your Local IP - while they need your External IP. There are many ways to get your External IP, one of which is www.whatismyip.com . Tell your friend to type “connect iphere:porthere” in their console.
If they can’t connect, you need to open ports on your router: www.portforward.com

If you’re NOT hosting on a computer in your own house and you’re paying for it, you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure people can join - whoever you pay should make sure of that.