Darkrp Weapons ??

I have downloaded darkrp correct, but i dont want the default css weapons, they are buggy and need to aim to shoot them.


Anyone knows of any fix to this?

You’re using DarkRP, that’s how they come. They aren’t broken, that’s just their features.

If you want something different, either code new weapons, find a lua coder to do it for you, or implement preexisting sweps within the gamemode. All of which require a basic grasp of lua knowledge.

in config.lua (in the gamemode directory), theres an option for ironshoots. Make sure ironshoot is set to false.

Use CSS Realistic Weapons off of workshop. Until Mad Cows Weapons for Gmod 13 comes out, its the best we(rp server owners) can do.

When using CSS Realistic weapons, all the guns have way to much ammo by default. Doing stuff in the lua files of CSSRW doesn’t quite fix it. Is DarkRP somehow supplying the default ammo from somewhere? If so, where do i fix this?