DarkRP Weird problem

When i start up a multiplayer or singleplayer with DarkRP, i make it thirdperson when i try to see my model of the career i selected, and in everyjob(even citizen) my playermodel looks like a boxy version of gordon. Kinda like a statue of a guy holding a gun. Its gray and when im using a gun it looks like my crotch is shooting bullets. And when i had my friend join my server he is the same also. i tried deleting darkrp and putting it back but its the same. Here is a video so everyone knows what is really going on.

yea, mine did this too. make sure u have CSS and HL content and stuff installed on the server.

mine’s like that too…

that means you got a bad version of darkrp if it does that in single player

It’s because thirdperson is in sv_cheats for a reason. It’s not made to be used all the time

And that is the HL2 PlayerModel

lol, it does’nt matter if you in thirdperson or firstperson the player model is still the same…

My guess is you fucked up your models.

Reinstall your entire server.